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Commercial Building Maintenance

Busy commercial properties see a great deal of traffic, use and wear every day. Property owners and management personnel may find it difficult dealing with the cost of managing commercial building maintenance and upkeep. Finding and keeping qualified maintenance professionals on staff can put major stress on an already strained labor and benefits budget. Call CMK Construction, Inc. instead. CMK skilled technicians are on call for all your tile work, door installations & adjustments, carpentry and general preventive maintenance issues. At CMK, our mission is do it right, the first time, every time.

Exterior Building Maintenance

Your property faces assault every day from wind, rain and the blazing Florida sun. Regular commercial building maintenance to repair or replace damaged roofing and exterior cladding components ensures that your building envelope continues to provide an effective barrier against damage. CMK certified technicians carefully inspect for damage and identify areas that need immediate attention. Fixing small issues early, prevents them from growing into major repairs or renovations later on.

Interior Commercial Maintenance

Your business sees a lot of traffic and use each day. CMK commercial building maintenance staff identifies and repairs the damage, constant activity inside commercial property can cause. Qualified carpentry, tile work, and general maintenance keep your building in tiptop shape. Expert painters and drywall professionals maintain the fresh and attractive appearance your customers and employees expect. CMK commercial building maintenance service provides all the master class professionals you need at a fraction of the cost of keeping in-house maintenance on staff. CMK regular maintenance staff handles routine repairs quickly and other qualified experts are only a call away for emergency repairs.

Building Inspection

Commercial building maintenance and inspections are important if you are planning renovations or remodeling. CMK engineers and technicians will thoroughly inspect your property and provide a complete record of areas in need of renovation. The results of the inspection will reveal the true condition of your property including many issues not seen by casual inspection. CMK building inspection teams are experts in commercial and residential renovations and also understand the special needs of historic commercial property owners.  Call CMK today to get the most out of your property maintenance budget.

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