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Commercial Painting

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Commercial Painting Services By CMK Construction, Inc.

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it’s important to keep your business attractive for your clients. On an average day, numerous people could see your business or commercial office space. Inside and out, making a good first impression is crucial to gaining and keeping your customers and your clients. CMK Construction’s commercial painting experts work hard to create eye-catching appeal in every project. We’re trained and ready to handle all commercial paint and industrial coating applications.

Exterior Commercial Painting

Thousands of people drive by your place of business every day. The exterior of your building will either invite them in, or it will go unnoticed, or worst yet, lower their opinion of your professionalism. Highly trained CMK commercial painting crews begin by thoroughly cleaning the exterior of your business to remove sand, dirt and debris before applying paint. After a thorough cleaning, our painting crews carefully apply durable and weather resistant paints appropriate to your exterior to create a bright, fresh looking appearance. At CMK, our aim is creating eye appeal to make your business stand out from the crowd.

Interior Commercial Painting

commercial-painting-img2Keeping a fresh appealing appearance is an important part of your total marketing outreach. People are naturally drawn to interesting and attractive environments. At CMK, commercial painting crews understand that paying close attention to detail and providing top quality work is essential to your satisfaction and superior results. We also understand the need to be flexible and work in ways that do not disrupt your business. Call us today for a friendly estimate to schedule your next interior painting project. Our crews can work when your business is closed or during slow periods.

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