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Historic Renovations

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Historic Renovations for your home or public building require construction contractors with expertise in renovation that won’t damage the historic character of the building. This is especially true for Florida homes and buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Sites. Whether a building is on the list or not, preservation maintenance and careful renovations by CMK Construction preserves historic character and protects your investment and these historic sites.

Preserving Historic Homes

Regular preservation maintenance is vital for protecting the value of historic buildings. Over time, the connections between the roof, walls, foundation and interior construction of older buildings wear and loosen due to the effects of weather and aging. Regular maintenance by an experienced historic renovations contractor keeps your building functioning as it should and prevents the need for more costly repairs that will arise later.

CMK’s qualified historic renovations contractors understand how to utilize modern construction methods and materials in conjunction with age appropriate materials to give your historic building modern codes compliance, beauty and comfort without harming its classic appeal.

Restoring Historic Sites

Florida is rich with history. Many of our public landmarks date back more than a hundreds of years and attract interested visitors from around the world. Manny Kavouklis, President of CMK Construction and his expert crew played a vital role in historic renovations for public sites like the old Tampa Clock Tower and Tampa Theater.

The Tampa Clock Tower, built in 1915 was showing her age. CMK crews repaired leaks, worked to replace the copper dome and restoring the terracotta and lentils above the clock. CMK is proud to supply historic renovations as an important part of protecting and preserving Florida history. Call CMK today when a historic home or building is in need of a little TLC or major restoration work. We’ll give your historic building the love and respect it deserves.

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