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Industrial Coatings

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Quality Industrial Coatings Applied By CMK

Safety, it’s the reason quality standards for CMK industrial coatings projects are set so high. We apply superior quality protective coatings to pipes, wastewater containment tanks and transfer stations to keep your employees and the public safe from danger. Certified and highly skilled individuals carry out every project to ensure your satisfaction and safety.

Wastewater Treatment Facilities

Providing Florida with clean potable water begins a long way from the tap. The tanks, pipes and containment systems inside municipal and industrial wastewater treatment facilities play a vital role in maintaining water quality. CMK provides quality industrial coatings designed specifically for wastewater treatment facilities. Our technicians are expert in cleaning, stripping and applying the coatings you need to keep your facility operating efficiently.

There are many industrial coatings available for industrial and municipal wastewater facilities. CMK keeps technicians continually trained to apply the latest epoxy, acrylic and zinc coatings to ensure we carry out every project using the most appropriate coating materials. Our mission is quality, safety and your satisfaction.

Industrial Masonry and Metal Coatings

Applying industrial coatings to concrete and masonry is more than a matter of aesthetics; it’s a major safety issue. The coatings and paint applied to the pipes, tanks and concrete floors inside a factory protect employees and the public from hazardous chemical spills and accidents. CMK skilled technicians apply high tech coatings to metal and masonry that help prevent leaking of chemicals.

Other coatings, applied to masonry and concrete help contain hazardous materials in case of containment loss.  This is important for keeping chemicals from escaping into other areas of the facility or the environment outside.  No-slip industrial coatings on concrete walkways and flooring protect your most valuable investment, your workers, from time lost due to slips and falls. Call today; put CMK certified industrial coatings professionals to work keeping your facility safe

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