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An old proverb states that the only thing constant in the universe is change. What you need from your home also changes over time. Your dream home suited your needs perfectly 10 years ago, now changing life conditions and the ravages of time are poking holes in the dream. Talk to a contractor expert in residential remodels before you consider moving to a new home. Adapting your existing home to suit your needs is usually a better choice. CMK Construction, Inc., Florida’s home renovations professionals, will be happy to inspect your home and recommend ways to make it better suit your needs.

Top reasons for residential remodels:

•    Improving home value
•    Adding space for a growing family
•    Improved comfort
•    Converting unused basement or attic space
•    Office space for work at home professionals
•    Green living and sustainability

Living Space

One of the best reasons for residential remodels is your growing family. An extra bathroom, more sleeping space or a new family room goes a long way to preserving your peace of mind. Remodeling can also be more cost-efficient than trying to sell your home and move. The money you spend provides a double benefit; it’s often less expensive than moving and it increases the value of your home.

Working Space

The rapid rise in the number of work-at-home professionals makes residential remodels an ideal way to separate your work from the clamor of every day family life. Converting an unused bedroom, basement or attic space into a fully functional office can help you be more productive. You’ll get more work done and earn more when your workspace is insulated from distractions. CMK Construction has been building homes and offices throughout Florida since 2004. They’ll be happy to explain how you can get the office space you need without breaking your budget.

Lean, Green and Sustainable

Residential remodeling is more than simply making your home more comfortable and attractive. Consult the residential remodels professionals at CMK to find out how you can lower your impact on the environment and make your home more energy-efficient. Residential remodels with natural building materials, better insulation and high-efficiency windows and appliances lower energy costs, carbon footprint and provide enduring eye appeal. Call CMK today to put the dream back into your dream home.

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