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Residential Building Maintenance Services By CMK

Residential property owners and managers of single and multi-family housing developments face a constant barrage of major and minor maintenance issues. The Florida weather can do some truly evil things to your property. Constant high humidity, storms and damaging UV radiation damage exterior paint and woodwork. Inside the property, plumbing, electrical and structural problems need attention to keep tenants happy and at the same time, maintain the value of your residential property. It would cost thousands to employ all the professional residential building maintenance experts you need. Call CMK Construction, Inc. instead for regular maintenance and repairs. All the experts you need are just one call away with CMK.

Exterior Maintenance

A large home needs regular upkeep to maintain its value and appearance. Calling a different contractor for roofing, paint and general carpentry or masonry repairs is time consuming and expensive. CMK residential building maintenance crews include highly skilled  and certified experts in every area of home construction and repair.

One call is all it takes to get carpenters, roofing experts or master masons on the job quickly and without destroying your budget. Whether your property is a private home, a multifamily development or a large dormitory, CMK regular preventive  building maintenance and repair service will save you  from dealing with major repair costs that small problems can grow into.

Interior Service

Residential buildings, especially apartments and dormitories, face many small issues requiring regular attention. Keeping the interior of a large home or residential property attractive and functioning properly requires regular maintenance. CMK carpenters, painters and drywall technicians are always on hand to repair minor issues and major damages due to water or storm damage. Regular paint, minor carpentry and structural maintenance keep your tenants happy and maintain the high value of your investment in the property. Call CMK today for a free consultation and discover the benefits regular residential building maintenance can provide for your property.

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