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Residential Painting

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Let CMK Help with Your Residential Painting Project

Protecting your home and family is important. Insurance and medical plans protect your family’s health; homeowner’s insurance protects your investment in your home. You protect the things you love but may be neglecting an important item. Many Florida homeowners put off residential painting or try to do the job themselves. This can damage your home and cause unneeded expense. CMK Construction’s skilled painters have the equipment and expertise to handle every painting project in a timely and cost efficient manner.

Exterior Residential Painting

Every day your home is under assault. The elements attack it round the clock with wind, water and the blazing Florida sun. More than pretty colors to adorn the house, exterior paints are your first line of defense against damage. Exterior paint provides a non-permeable barrier to protect the structure from water and oxidation.

Don’t put the job off or take the risk of serious injury from falls with DIY solutions. Hiring a professional residential painting contractor saves you more because they have the experience, skill and tools needed to do the work properly. CMK painters take the time to thoroughly clean and prep the exterior of your home before applying quality exterior wall coverings designed specifically for your home.

Interior Residential Painting

“Anyone can slap some paint on a wall.” This is a common misconception that too often results in residents spending hours of extra work and money. Residential painting is a task requiring experience and knowledge of which wall-covering products are suitable for every application. CMK painters bring years of experience and expert skill to your home to provide a top quality paint job quickly and within your budget. From wall cleaning, repair and prep to the final coat, you’ll be happy with how beautiful your new paint scheme looks and lasts. Call CMK today for all your interior and exterior painting needs. We’ve been proudly serving Florida homeowner’s since 2004.

Residential Painting - CMK Construction Inc


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