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Bathroom Remodel

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Are you ready for a Bathroom Remodel?

Is it time for a bathroom remodel? Look back on the last time you visited relatives or friends. You may not remember what the kitchen floor or living room wallpaper looked like. You probably do remember if the bathrooms looked old or dirty. Bathrooms seem to stick in our minds; if the bath looks dirty, the whole house seems dirty. Bathroom remodels are an easy way to preserve the good impression your home leaves with guests. It is one of the most cost-effective renovation projects and guaranteed to increase the value of your home. Call CMK Construction today and give your old bath a new look without breaking your budget.

Eye Appeal

Over time, bathroom fixtures, tile and flooring can lose their eye appeal. Grout and tile get a dull, discolored look. Tubs, showers and vanity sinks suffer from exposure to high humidity and the growth of mildew. No matter how hard you work cleaning, the bath looks old and drab.

Simple bathroom remodels can turn drab into fab with just a few inexpensive changes. New faucets and fittings and fresh paint will give your old bath a like new appearance. Old cabinets and countertops are subject to damage from moisture and may be a source of mold that causes persistent health problems. Manufacturers of new, top quality bath cabinets and countertops use moisture resistant materials that retain their eye appeal, last longer, and provide a healthier environment.


A bathroom remodel is an important method for ensuring your family’s good health. The bathrooms in many older homes pose a potential health risk. Lack of good ventilation, high humidity and heat provide an ideal place for mold and mildew to grow. Mold and mildew grow on surfaces, inside the cabinets and behind wall tiles.

Bathroom remodels by qualified expert contractors, like CMK Construction identify and correct ventilation and mold growth problems. Replacing inadequate bathroom ventilation, cracked wall tiles and old cabinets will improve your indoor air quality tremendously. Your new cabinets and countertops help protect your family’s health because they are moisture resistant to retard the growth of mold and mildew

Protect your family’s safety and make your bathroom beautiful. CMK, proudly serving Florida homeowners like you since 2004. Call CMK today for free consultation about your bathroom remodel and renovation.

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