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CMK Provides Structure Waterproofing Services

It’s every homeowner’s nightmare, water seeping in through the foundation and walls of your home. All the water needs is one small entryway to flood into your property causing structural damage and the growth of mold and mildew to make you or your customers ill. CMK Construction is an expert at waterproofing your foundation during construction and waterproofing your existing structures to protect your investments. If you’re experiencing water intrusion or if you’re planning to build a new home or office space, call CMK today. We do the job right the first time, every time.

Where the Water Comes From

One of the first steps in building a new house is digging a big hole in the ground. This hole is slightly larger than your home will be and it is where the contractors pour the foundation. After the foundation is built, contractors pour the loose soil back in around the foundation. This is where the trouble begins because the soil poured back in around your foundation is much less dense than the surrounding soil. It holds water better and the water can seep in through the concrete floor and walls.

In Florida, we are also fraught with torrential rains and strong wind that can often blow the rain in every direction with enough force to allow it to push its way into our structures. CMK construction professionals apply waterproofing treatment to the walls and foundation either during the building or to already existing structures. This prevents water from getting into your home or office and causing damage.

Waterproofing Existing Homes

CMK technicians employ a variety of solutions to remove water and prevent more from getting into your home or office. Every structure is different and there is no single solution perfect for every situation. Call CMK today for a consultation and protect your property from water damage. We are experts in dealing with water seepage and drainage for new construction and existing homes or commercial buildings.

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